Look for Zach Shooting Season 2 of “America’s Secret Slang” Around the USA!

26 02 2014

We’re “Back in the Saddle” and “That Cat does NOT have our tongue…”… LOOK for Zach and the crew of History Channel’s hit series,  “America’s Secret Slang” around America these next few months — shooting and uncovering the hidden history of America’s slang phrases, terms and words. If you see us, SAY HI!!

Season 2 premieres on History Channel and H2 in May! – You just got that, “Straight from the horse’s Mouth”


Zach gets somebody’s goat


Getting the info straight from the horse’s mouth…

Watch a new Episode of “Americas Secret Slang” TONIGHT on H2!

12 05 2013

America's Secret Slang

TONIGHT! Learn the origins of phrases ad terms like “High on the Hog,” “How Bout Them Apples?” and “Cakewalk!” It’s the histor of FOOD SLANG!


WHERE: On H2 (History 2) @more2history – Channel – Check your listings

WHEN: 7:00 pm PST – 10:00 pm EST

WHY?: You LOVE History!

Watch an all new ep. of “America’s Secret Slang” tonight! on H2! 10pm/7pm pst.

21 04 2013

Here’s last week’s episode in full! “Guns Booze and Politics”



Watch Zach’s new series “Americas Secret Slang” TONIGHT!

14 04 2013


Tonight! H2 presents “America’s Secret Slang”

americas_secret_slang _241x208

Host Zach Selwyn hits the streets to ask everyday people what they know about the origins and meaning of American slang, and then he reveals the true etymology and hidden history of common phrases and words that are unique to the United States. In each 30-minute episode, Selwyn focuses on a specific period in American history, revealing words the originated during that era or had significance for the geographic region. The six episodes in Season 1 were: “Guns, Booze, and Politics,” focusing on common phrases during the Prohibition Era that related to politics, firearms and alcohol, such as pork barrel projects, slush funds, lame ducks, falling off the wagon, teetotaler, bootlegger, and skid row; “Them’s Fighting Words,” highlighting idioms popularized during periods of war, from the American Revolution to WWII, such as basket case, Yankee, bought the farm, sideburns, deadlines, and hookers; “Y’all Speak Country,” featuring slang of the American South, like y’all, rednecks, fly off the handle, having an axe to grind, and barking up the wrong tree; “Westword Ho!,” chronicling common expressions from the American frontier — riffraff, betting your bottom dollar, passing the buck, acid test, and heard it through the grapevine; “Coming to America,” documenting common sayings from immigrants; and “Talking Turkey.”


Heres the 1st look of Zach’s new History Channel show – “America’s Secret Slang!”

10 04 2013
SLANG OF THE DAY: Ever wonder how the word “ouch” came to be? Find out in the clip below. Click “LIKE” if you find this little-known-fact fascinating.


Premieres Sunday April 14 10:00 pm est/ 7 pst

on H2



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