Watch “The Worst Ideas in Mafia History” starring John Walsh

3 01 2014

We lost a terrific man this week. Here he is saying more with no dialogue than most actors can say with Shakesperean prose.  – RIP to John Walsh… aka “Jimmy the Taint.” (Originally aired on G4 “Attack of the Show” in 2007)


Zach releases EP of Comedy Central / Film songs from 2009-2011

13 06 2013

Zach is finally releasing a collection of songs never available to the public before via itunes! Most of these songs are from the SELWYN BROTHERS series of videos done for Comedy Central from 2009-2011 – but also included is “Im in Edukashun” from the film “Lower Learning…” Check it out!chick drinks cover



1. Im in Edukashun

2. Chick Drinks

3. Hello, Beautiful Homeless Girl

4. Recession

5. Porky Piggin’ It (Featuring Eli Braden)

6. Imagine a World

7. Whole Foods Song

8. Tonto Gets All the Chicks

Watch! New Selwyn Bros. SKETCH – “BABY UBER”

3 06 2013


Directed and Edited by Jesse Selwyn

Written by and Starring Zach Selwyn

Produced by Selwyn Brothers

with Amy Redford, Matt August, Opal, Wendy Selwyn, Southerly Selwyn, Aria August and Tiara


Watch Selwyn Brothers video “Chick Drinks”

29 05 2013

Purple hooters, watermelon shooters…



Directed ad Edited by Jesse Selwyn

Written and performed by Zach Selwyn

song produced by Dan Wistrom

Come see Zach live at the Irvine Improv all Weekend with JOHN HENSON!

7 09 2012

Zach is joining Wipeout host/comedian JOHN HENSON all weekend at the Irvine Improv for 4 nights of insanely funny comedy. Also on the bill are the very funny HALLI BORGFJORD


September 6,7,8,9 -Irvine Improv with JOHN HENSON and FRIENDS (The TV HOSTS of Comedy!)

Please CLICK HERE  to buy tickets!!!!!

See Irvine Improv website for more information. 6 SHOWS!!!

Watch Zach and Jon Reep’s new video: MOO’VES LIKE HAGGARD

11 04 2012

Download Song here! 

Recorded in Nashville, TN. March 2012 – starring Jon Reep, Zach Selwyn and Brian Kiley. Song produced by Toby Semain. Directed by Z.S. Edited by Jesse Selwyn


15 03 2012

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The debate continues with this epic rap battle between Creationist KIRK CAMERON and Evolution theorist CHARLES DARWIN

song and music by Zach Selwyn, Tim Lee and Toby Semain

Watch “Stretched” world premiere! With Zach, ELI BRADEN & TOO $HORT

6 10 2011

Selwyn Brothers, Eli Braden and Too Short unite for Atom/Comedy Central Web Series!

18 07 2011

Some Set Pics from the upcoming Comedy Central Web Series “STRETCHED…”

Legendary rapper Too Short with Zach and Jesse (Director)


Zach and Eli play two aspiring musicians who inherit a crappy 1990 limousine from a rich aunt…

Zach’s new 2011 Acting Reel -its AMAZEBALLS!

25 05 2011

Zach Selwyn 2011 Acting Reel from Zach Selwyn on Vimeo.


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