Zach Publishes Short Story/Essay Collection! “Talent Will Get You Nowhere”

11 04 2014

Loyal readers of this blog…  Thank you for your years of support – especially in regards to the SHORT STORY writing. We have  compiled many of the essays you have read (And many you have not read) into Zach’s first ever published collection of stories for sale as a PAPERBACK . (Kindle coming soon!)

If you would like a signed copy of the book, please contact -

Please take a moment to check out “Talent Will Get You Nowhere



Zach will be reading aloud from the book throughout the summer- new DATES to be announced shortly!

Zach’s Plea for Jay-Z to Sign him! Does it work???

28 03 2014

Zach and Jay-Z have never met. But maybe this video will get Roc Nation to take Zach on as their first 5-figure client!



Watch Zach’s new commercial – “Cray-Crayola: A New Kind of Crayon”

20 01 2014


That ish CRAY. CHeckout your child’s new favorite crayon…

Starring Quinn Kelly Joyce and Zach Selwyn!


A Dude Rolls Frying Pans w/ his Hands on Guinness – TONIGHT! 8pm!

9 01 2014
On tonight’s #GWRUnleashed, Steve will attempt to roll the most frying pans with his hands.
Think he’ll be able to break the record? Find out at 8 pm E/P.

Frying Pan Crusher by Guinness World Records Unleashed
Zachariah & the Lobos Riders – New album… coming soon!

Watch “The Worst Ideas in Mafia History” starring John Walsh

3 01 2014

We lost a terrific man this week. Here he is saying more with no dialogue than most actors can say with Shakesperean prose.  – RIP to John Walsh… aka “Jimmy the Taint.” (Originally aired on G4 “Attack of the Show” in 2007)


Listen to Zach’s new song, “LA SKI HAT WEATHER!”

13 12 2013

When it dips below 65 degrees in LA, the town starts dressing like we live in Vermont. Please enjoy “LA SKI HAT WEATHER” – from my upcoming comedy CD called “I Think We Should See Other People”


ZACH’S First collection of Short Stories and Essays, “Talent Will Get You Nowhere” will be published in early 2014 on Dirt City Press! LOOK OUT!


Read Zach’s New Short Story! “War Stories, My Stepfather & a Sony Discman”

18 11 2013

War Stories, My Stepfather and a Sony Discman. (Part 1)

The first time I got caught drinking, my mother thought that my stepfather, a man named Steven Fishco, should have a talk with me. After all, at the time, he had been sober for eight years and was one of Tucson, Arizona’s leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation counselors, working for recovery places like Sierra Tucson where rich people would spend ungodly amounts of money to send their troubled kids. Celebrities showed up as well, along with spoiled debutantes, trust-fund babies and occasionally, politicians. In the circles of rehab, Fishco was simply known as “the Fish” and he treasured the moniker as if he was a member of some secret Government Navy S.E.A.L.S. operation and that was his codename.

Fish 1989

The Fish & His Beloved Mets Poster – 1988

Always wanting to know who had a serious drinking and alcohol problem, I would probe Fish for information on whatever ex-Major League baseball player or fading Hollywood star was enrolled in his rehab program. Unfortunately, he was a stickler for the rules and he never revealed his counselor-patient confidentiality agreement. Considering that Sierra Tucson cost roughly $45,000 a month, I’m sure many rock stars and celebrities were happy that some 14-year-old wasn’t running around junior high telling his friends about the time everybody’s favorite singer mainlined a jug of gasoline and copulated with a stuffed giraffe. Therefore, when Fish would tell us some funny stories about troubled Hollywood types and celebrities, he would mask their identities and I was always left guessing who the “serious dope fiend singer from that one band you like” was.

Because of the alcoholic horror stories, and the fact that Fish’s own mind was ruined from years of intravenous drug use and cocaine, I avoided drinking and smoking for most of high school. My friends accepted it and I occasionally lied to people to seem like I had been caught drinking and couldn’t afford to be grounded again, etc. Most everybody accepted this as my way in life. I would often quote Fish and his unique sayings that kept me away from drugs over the years. My favorite being, “Cocaine is an expensive way to get nervous.”

In the spring of 1992, At 16, I skipped school with some buddies and some cute girls to go wander around Sabino Canyon. Now that I’m much older and more environmentally aware, I recognize the canyon as a natural, beautiful Tucson national park and quite possibly the most serene place I can think of on earth. However, back in high school, it was simply a secluded place to drink, meet girls and bury empty cases of Budweiser cans in the desert as to not leave any evidence behind. (Sorry National Park Service.)

The day we skipped school was known on campus as “Senior Ditch Day,” and even though I wasn’t quite yet a senior, I knew that they were somewhat cool with me tagging along because I not only owned a Sony Discman, but because I liked to DJ parties with tapes, CD’s and my boom box. So, I loaded up the 50 CD’s I owned at the time along with my 75 cassingles and drove to go drink in the desert with a bunch of turtle-necked mullet-heads who listened to MC Hammer and loved Minitruckin’ Magazine. (For a rare few years in my high school, lowered mini trucks, turtlenecks and tight Z. Cavaricci pants were the only things that mattered to a select group of cool kids. “Minitruckin” was the art of buying a shitty truck, lowering it to the ground and spending thousands of dollars on paint, rims and 12-inch woofers to blast DJ Quik while spinning your ride around a parking lot.)


Courtesy of

Of course, one of the seniors immediately took over my system. As soon as I loaded up the music in the desert and set up my stereo to play an endless mix of Naughty by Nature and Metallica, a guy named Adam Lancer decided that he was going to DJ and that I was going to be forced fed beer while teaching him how to seamlessly mix songs. Never wanting anybody to touch my equipment, I was reluctant at first but eventually gave in to him because, well, he was a cool senior with a killer set of Oakley sunglasses and the hottest girlfriend on campus. Admittedly, trying to feel cool, I tried to match him drink for drink. Needless to say, I soon found myself giggling and slurring, while confidently trying to brush my hand up against senior girl Heather Tyrtanna’s butt in her tight, stonewashed Guess Jeans. When she didn’t seem to mind, I kept doing it and eventually let Adam Lancer have full control of my boom box. As one beer turned into six, I suddenly developed an insane confidence to convince Heather to take a private walk with me in the desert where we made out (and dry-humped) for 15 minutes. That beautiful moment was all I needed to realize that all those years I avoided drinking were a complete waste of time.

The party was broken up about an hour later when two cops ran up on the desert gathering and the kids scattered like roadrunners. As the dozen or so lowered 1991 Isuzu pick ups high-tailed it out of the parking lot, I was left gathering my CD’s and tapes and watching Heather Tyrtanna run off with senior Miguel Arroyo in his 1990 Honda CRX. A bit drunk and confused, I was able to pull off a decent straight man when the cops asked me what I was doing in the middle of the desert on a school day. After a few questions and a lot of probing, I told them I was 22 years old.

“You don’t look 22, you got ID on you?” One cop asked.

“I don’t have it right now,” I slurred.

When they asked me what I was doing with a bunch of stereo equipment, I thought of the best lie I could possibly come up with.

“I’m actually an employee of Desert DJ’s,” I said. “A bunch of kids hired me to play this party… for 50 bucks.”

Desert DJ’s was the company that had DJ’d my Bar Mitzvah.

“Young man, are you intoxicated?” The cop prodded.

“Of course not,” I said.

I then proceeded to knock all of my music into the sand and fall down.

Having a patrol car escort you home at age 16 is a pretty traumatic experience for a high school kid. Especially since I had a backpack full of CD’s and severe penile chaffing from grinding my crotch up against Heather’s jeans for 15 minutes. When they pulled up into the driveway, my mother ran outside hysterically screaming. Once the cops calmed her down, she watched as I slumped my way inside the house and proceeded to projectile vomit all over the bathroom. Amazingly, my mother tried to convince the policemen that I was an Ivy-League bound honor student and that a “Minor in Possession” ticket would ruin my future. Somehow, they believed her.

20 minutes later, my mom brought me some water and told me to go to bed before warning me that we would have a serious talk when I woke up. The policeman left and the last thing I remember my mom saying before I drifted off into the dark abyss of my first ever drinking hangover was, “Where the fuck is your car?”

When I woke up at 6:00 that night, Fish was standing in my room.

“Yo Z!” He exclaimed. “Tied one on this morning, hey baby?”

As I scrambled my throbbing thoughts and felt the dry contact lenses cracking in my bloodshot eyes, I asked him what had happened. He simply dangled my car keys in my face and said, “Get up, mom wants me to take you to get your car.”

The ride back towards Sabino Canyon only took about 15 minutes from my house. As I became increasingly aware of the rawness I had inflected on my private parts attempting to grind Heather’s zipper open, Fish tried in his own unique way to scare me away from the perils of drugs and alcohol.

“So, how many beers did you slam this morning?” He asked, sounding like a one of my buddies and less than a parental figure.

“I think 5 or six,” I said.

“What a PUSSY, man! What are you a lightweight?”

As I opened the window for some fresh air, I was suddenly aware that Fish was not going to lecture me on the perils of drinking. Instead, he began relaying to me story after story about his 20 years in the trenches of inebriation. In Alcoholics Anonymous, they call these tales “War Stories.” Apparently Fish was the KING. He told me that every single patient at Sierra Tucson loved him and his war stories.

Like how in college when he took three consecutive spring breaks to Colombia. Not the District of Colombia, but Colombia, South America.

“Bought three grams of coke and two ‘party girls’ for me and my buddy Larry Goldbeer… Man, first time I had a semi automatic rifle pulled on me!”

“The first time?” I asked, gingerly.

Another great story involved seeing Jimi Hendrix on LSD n 1967. And then there was the drinking with Jim Morrison, the spliff rolling with Bob Marley and the three straight days he spent shooting junk with James Taylor on Martha’s Vineyard. I suddenly came to the conclusion that this wiry-haired man-child from New Jersey, who I had lived with for ten years and only bonded with over baseball and reggae music, was the coolest person I had ever met.

“Now listen Z,” he said, suddenly getting serious. “The key is moderation. Now me? I got no way to control myself. Once the bottle cap is twisted off, you might as well consider the bottle finished – once I won a rum drinking contest at Club Hedonism in Jamaica and fell asleep in the ocean.”

“How did you survive?”

“Some native chick I was banging saved my life man… Threw me in my hotel room and I woke up 3 days later.”

Although the threat of upsetting my mother and father was still the top priority on why I would probably never drink again, the stories Fish was churning out made it seem that the only way I was ever going to have any adventures at all was to begin a lifelong relationship with drugs and alcohol. I mean, at 16, my life was pretty simple. Go to school. Go to basketball practice. Masturbate. Go to Jewish youth group. Masturbate again. Watch Beverly Hills 90210. Maybe masturbate during Beverly Hills 90210… I needed some new escapades.

As we pulled into the parking lot of Sabino Canyon, I noticed my 1988 Dodge still parked by the entrance of the park. Fish pulled his car next to it and we talked for a minute about what drugs I had seen at school. Truth was, I had only seen a few hesher kids smoke pot once or twice. I heard that other kids did it, but in early 1992, weed wasn’t exactly everyone’s drug of choice. Of course, six weeks later The Chronic by Dr. Dre came out and everybody I knew suddenly began smoking dirt brown Mexican mota and fastening wooden pipes during Shop Class.

“Let me tell you one last story,” Fish said, solemnly looking out towards the Santa Catalina Mountains.

“1980, man, I went to visit my buddy Gary Guccinelli in Houston. We decided to do some coke and go to the Astrodome with his dad who had season tix… Of course we drank in the car before the game and then when we got there, we started smoking reefer up in the upper deck because the place was fucking EMPTY, man.”

All I could envision was the horrible Houston Astros uniforms on my 1980 Topps Nolan Ryan baseball card. He pressed on.

“Anyway, we went down to his dad’s seats man and then we just started drinking whatever we could find… Mainly beer, but you know it was a combo platter for me with all the dope and the blow and whatever… Anyway, Gary’s dad was kinda senile, so he gets up and starts walking up the row of seats, so Gary goes to follow him. I stayed in the seats because I was waaaay too sayonara baby, you know? Next thing I know, I’m yelling out at Cesar Cedeno (The Astros talented multi-tooled player who was at the end of his career in 1980) about when he killed his girlfriend when they were fucking blotto drunk, man. So Cedeno keeps looking back at me, and finally points his finger at me and next thing I know, two cops have me around the neck and are escorting me out of the stadium.”


Fish’s arch enemy – the man who had him locked up – Cesar Cedeno

“Wait, who killed Cesar Cedeno’s girlfriend?” I asked.

“In like 1973 he and some chick he was screwing were playing Russian Roulette and the girl was shot and killed and Cedeno got off,” he explained.

“So what happened after you were taken out of the stadium?”

“Bottom line was, I WASN’T taken out of the stadium, man… I got thrown in Astrodome Jail!”

            “Astrodome Jail?”

         Apparently, the Houston Astrodome had a jail for drunk and disorderly fans during the 1970’s. Fish was taken there and thrown into a cell with 3 other rowdy men who had been detained for various reasons. I asked him who the other prisoners were.

“2 drunken Indians and some 70-year-old guy who pissed on himself during the 3rd inning,” he said. “Anyway, Gary and his dad ended up leaving the game and I had to take a taxi back to their house 5 hours later and when I got there Gary had called my mom in New Jersey and told her that I was missing. Of course my mother told him it was the 5th time I had been reported missing that year so she didn’t get too worried. Meanwhile, Gary’s dad went to sleep and I told Gary my story about being locked up for five innings in the Astrodome.”

“Wow,” I said. “Was that when you decided to get sober?”

“Are you kidding me? Gary and I took his dad’s car and went to a bar until six in the morning!”

I decided to show Fish where the party had taken place, but Sabino Canyon was closed for the evening and we were asked to leave by the Park Ranger. I got in my car and followed Fish home, doing my best to not go even one mile above the speed limit. When we got back, my mom asked me if we had spoken about the incident. She said she hoped I had learned my lesson and I told her that I had before thanking her for getting the cops to not issue me a MIP ticket. We hugged and I crawled into bed to sleep the rest of my hangover off. After slathering my genitalia with gobs of Neosporin.


Guess Jeans similar to the ones that annihilated my crotch in the early 90′s

The next morning, I went to gather a few CD’s for my drive to school. It was then that I first realized that not only was my Sony Discman missing, but so were at least 5 of my perfectly alphabetized and organized CD’s. I could not find “OPP” by Naughty by Nature, LL COOL J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out,” “Nevermind” by Nirvana, Color Me Badd’s “CMB” and, oddly enough, “The Soul Cages” by Sting.

Later at school, I noticed that Adam Lancer was walking around the hallway with my Discman. Assuming that he had my CD’s as well, I knew I would have to confront him and get my stuff back. Of course, when I approached him in between 2nd and 3rd period and asked for my Discman back, he said, “Don’t you remember giving this to me when you were wasted?”

The 60 pound Discman I cherished in 1992

The 60 pound Discman I cherished in 1992

I didn’t. However, based on my minor blackout, I couldn’t be sure if he was lying. Still, I knew I had to get my stuff back. What would follow over the next week were some of the most humiliating events of my life. However, at the end of it all, through a carefully calculated game plan that included falsifying Government documents, blackmail and a web of deceit, I would suddenly have the reputation as the craziest partier in my junior class…


*Zach’s First Collection of Short Stories and Essays, “Talent Will Get You Nowhere” will be published in Early 2014 by DIRT CITY PRESS!*


Please Keep watching GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS UNLEASHED! on TRUtv – 8pm Thursdays!

Read and’s Article on Zach!

14 11 2013

Watch new Ep. Of Guinness World Records Unleashed tonight at 8pm on TRUTV!

Meet hilarious and prolific ‘Guinness World Records’ commentator Zach Selwyn

By Brittany Frederick

November 14, 2013

Every television show would be more interesting if Zach Selwyn was on it.

Thankfully, TruTV has enlisted the multi-talented Los Angeles native to serve as a color commentator for Guinness World Records Unleashed. Zach’s dry and relentless wit is a perfect match for a show about the outrageous and the impressive. BFTV caught up with him on Wednesday to chat about the new season of GRWU and what else is new for the eternally lovable TV personality.

In just last week’s premiere, Zach has had to discuss one gentleman attempting to set the world record for most kicks to his own head in one minute, and another aiming to dunk a donut into a cup of coffee from higher than anyone else has ever dunked before. These are some pretty crazy things, so how many times does he question people’s sanity?

“Oh, countless. I’d say at least three times an episode, I was concerned that somebody was going to get really hurt and occasionally die,” he told us, joking that “You know it’s a good show when you think people are going to die.”

Not that he’s on the set just to poke fun at the competitors. “I admire all these guys,” Zach said, though he did confirm GWRU host Dan Cortese’s story that he once made a vague attempt to break a world record himself. “It was the most amount of donut holes eaten in either 60 seconds or 90 seconds,” he reflected. “I think I got to like four.”

Since we let Dan dish on Zach when we spoke to him last week, it was only appropriate to flip the script and let Zach talk about Dan. “Dan’s incredibly professional,” he told us, “and very tan. And very muscular. He’s very intimidating, because I don’t think any man alive should have the physique that he has at his age.”

But being impressively in shape doesn’t mean Dan is safe from Zach’s humor: “I certainly did a bunch of Veronica’s Closet jokes and Rock ‘N’ Jock jokes,” Zach revealed.

His commentary on Guinness World Records Unleashed is just the latest TV gig for Zach, who’s become a TV mainstay over the years with credits like G4′s Attack of the Show!, Science Channel’s Catch It Keep It, and let us not forget the greatness that was GSN’s Extreme Dodgeball. If you can put it on TV, he can make it funny.

And if that’s not good enough for you, he’s also an actor and a musician, with a healthy iTunes catalog. His album Ghost Signs has seriously been in our rotation for ten years. Then there’s his comedy web series, The Reportist. Check out Zach’s observations on graffiti in the video with this article.

Zach has plenty of projects to keep him occupied going into next year. “I’m going to start shooting Season 2 of a show on History called America’s Secret Slang. That should come out in 2014. I’m putting out a new record,” he told us. “And I wrote a book, too, that’s going to be coming out in 2014. It’s called Talent Will Get You Nowhere. It’s a collection of short stories.” Somehow, he manages all of this on top of being a devoted family man. That’s one heck of a balancing act (dare we say world record-worthy?).

Not that you’ll ever hear him complain. “I’m very happy to be working in any capacity and working with the good people of Guinness,” Zach reflected. “Ultimately down the line, hosting and acting and music are all things I’m passionate about. I’d like to somehow combine all three. I just hope that everything I’m doing continues to resonate with someone out there.” And we hope that he sticks around for a long, long time.

You can catch Zach every Thursday night at 8 PM ET/PT as part of Guinness World Records Unleashed on TruTV. You should also visit his website ( and follow him on Twitter (@ZachSelwyn).

(c)2013 Brittany Frederick. Appears at Examiner with permission. All rights reserved. No reproduction permitted. Visit my official website and follow me on Twitter at @tvbrittanyf.

Watch Zach on All New Ep. of Take Part Live tonight on Pivot TV

24 10 2013

996567_646960115329348_1975168122_nZach will be a guest panelist tonight on Take Part Live on Pivot TV – at 9:00 pm pst

Check your local listings to watch the LIVE show!

With Jacob Soboroff and Cara Santa Maria

All New Eps. of Guinness World Records Unleashed! Start Nov. 7 on TRUTV!

15 10 2013

Color Commentator Zach joins co-anchor Liz Smith and host Dan Cortese in a brand new, crazier, braver and funnier season of “GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS UNLEASHED!”

Premieres November 7 on truTV!!!   READ MORE HERE!

GWR unleashed



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